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A whole new robot on a single board

This year we were able to buy Maxon motors and level-up the mechanics of our robot, therefore we needed a PCB that integrated with it in the best way possible. So we settled and designed a single PCB that had everything we needed, and after months of hard work we got the best PCB realized by our team yet.
And the guys over at JLCPCB did an amazing job manufacturing them.

Three microcontrollers on a board

Our robot needs three different microcontrollers. The main one is a Teensy 3.5, which controls anything the robot does.
As a slave of the Teensy 3.5, we have an ATMega 32u4 that minds checking where the ball is and sending this information to the main uC.
The last microcontroller is our camera: an OpenMV H7, the successor of the OpenMV M7, which uses a conic mirror to provide us with a full picture of all the playing field.

Motor drivers as big as a fingernail

This year we decided to use the VNH7070 motor drivers, which are perfect for our needs, plus they are extremely small and light,
and making our robot lighter is always a good thing.
Unfortunately, being small makes them run very hot, so we need a way to dissipate all this heat.
The big traces on the board handle this work flawlessly.

Made with Love by the S.P.Q.R Team and JLCPCB